I'm running for the Iowa Senate because we Iowans are at our best when we listen and move together. It is so easy to get distracted by the outside noise and special interests, those with their thumbs on the scale in their own favor. It is time for new ideas, for each other’s voices to be heard, and to let Iowans lead.

From Iowa's smallest towns to biggest cities, I've seen the values and work ethic that make Iowans unique. I have lived in Iowa communities ranging from 900 people (West Point) to 100,000 (Coralville/Iowa City) to  600,000 people (Des Moines). I've lived on a gravel road and in a cul-de-sac. I've ridden a Dart Bus to work, a Cambus to class, and a riding lawnmower into a town square just to fill up the tank. 

Two seemingly simple experiences in my life demonstrate the power of Iowa when we lead. In 2009, I wore my Hawkeye sweatshirt to an outlet mall near Tampa, Florida. As I was walking past various storefronts, one store owner shouted out from inside his shop to ask me if I was from Iowa. (This was after the Iowa Supreme Court case Varnum v. Brien, Iowa's decision supporting marriage equality). I stuck my head in the shop, said yes, and he proceeded to tell me two things. First, he told me he was gay. Second, he told me how lucky I was to live in Iowa, a state that stands up for all of its citizens.

In 2014, I showed my ID to a bartender at a local bar in upstate New York. She stuck the ID under a light, bent it skeptically, and then compared my face to the photo. Eventually she seemed to be convinced that I was me and handed it back. As I returned the ID to my wallet, she quietly told me it was “awesome” that we had so much wind power in Iowa.

I entered the race for District 37 because of how I felt as an Iowan when I talked to that store owner and bartender. I believe in Iowa, and I want Iowa to maintain a leadership role rooted in equality, respect, and responsible stewardship. That's why, if elected, I will ensure the legislature is responsive to Iowans' needs rather than special interests' wants. I will end the tired finger pointing and dedicate my time to helping Iowans move our communities forward. I will only support proactive policies that prepare Iowa for tomorrow's challenges, and I will actively fight against the reactive ideas that do nothing for us.

I am running because our state is at its best when we let Iowans lead.